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eVelocity wants to bring the benefits of eCommerce to the caribbean-region with
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Our team consists experienced programmers, designers, digital marketeers & developers that have teamed up to create software that not only works, but can be integrated seamlessly online.

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We believe in the future. We have created a software-service-combination that gives anyone the opportunity to take their business online. If you don't make money, we don't make money. So we will share our online marketing expertise to ensure great conversion & growth.

Why Velocity of Cash is Important?

eVelocity’s mission is to increase the velocity of cash in your business. As consumers and businesses are able to send and receive payments more quickly, this may allow easier cash flow management and more predictable budgeting, spending, and investing.

Over time, business models and processes could change dramatically based on faster funds availability.

Enjoy the benefits of eCommerce

Take your business to the people. By having an online store, you can sell your products/services from a single location. Slowly, with the best eCommerce practices together with search engine marketing/optimisation, you can convert these to a steady flow of sales online. There are many more benefits, so schedule:
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Payments go directly to your Local Bank (Arubabank, CMB, Banco di Caribe)

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Free 2 Hours per Month with eServices Division

List up to 12 Products

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eCommerce Platform Creation

Full Back Office with Metrics, Analytics, Conversion Data and Visualization

List +25 products & up

Multi-Tier Access & Permissions for Large Organizations

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Armando's Kiteshack
Chogogo Tours
Ur Designs
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